Welcome to Vertical Leap!

The best definition of Vertical Leap is this: Vertical Leap takes us from facts to faith to action. We start with the facts of our lives in the natural realm. For example, many of us feel lifeless and empty about our work. We are uncertain about God’s purpose for our lives, let alone fulfilling it. Then we go to God’s Word and we are imparted with faith about His purposes for the world, and we go to God in prayer and discover our role in His plans. Our faith results in taking action, and we see reality move from the spiritual realm to the material realm. That is the Vertical Leap—living on the basis of God’s reality instead of our own perception of reality.

There are two foundational concepts you must master in order to take the Vertical Leap. They are 1) stay conscious and 2) do it NOW.

-Al and Hattie Hollingsworth
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