“This book is dedicated to all believers in Jesus Christ who feel God’s call to be in right alignment with His purpose and desire training in how to birth His dreams, visions, and ideas.”                  

                                                                   -Al and Hattie Hollingsworth



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In Vertical Leap, you will learn the


Principle #1:  See It on the Inside

Principle #2:  Bond With Your Source

Principle #3:  Make the Invisible Visible

Principle #4:  Create; Don’t Just Trade

Principle #5:  Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

Principle #6:  Choose Who Pushes You

Principle #7:  Analyze Your System

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MylesMunroeForward by Dr. Myles Munroe

The desire to achieve and succeed is inherent in the heart of all humans no matter their socio-economic status. However, only a small percentage of the world’s population will experience the level of success desired. This lack of personal achievement is due in some cases to lack of opportunity, disadvantaged situations, and external resources restrictions. However, in the majority of the cases, many fail to achieve their God-given purpose and potential due to their ignorance of, or failure to effectively apply, the eternal principles and laws of life established by the Creator.

Life was designed for success and created for you and I to achieve and experience God’s destiny and vision for our lives. However, life was also designed to function according to set laws and principles that guarantee success. If we can learn and apply these laws as laid down by the Creator of life, success would be inevitable.

Al Hollingsworth in this work, Vertical Leap, breaks down these fundamental principles for all of us to apply and, through his personal experience and achievements, makes them simple and practical. In his direct approach, Al leaps over complicated formulas and theories to present these vital principles from the source of all wisdom, the Bible.

Vertical Leap shows us that no matter where we are, in what situation we may find ourselves, or our economic condition, if we follow these time-tested laws of success, we can make that Vertical Leap to the place of success designed for each of us by our Creator God.

Al’s personal testimony and living example is evidence that what he writes is proven and true. I admonish you to carefully peel the wisdom and insight from these pages and, through diligent application and commitment, watch your life also make that Vertical Leap.

—Dr. Myles Munroe
Nassau, Bahamas