Bonding with God, or anyone, requires that one moves through four progressive levels:

1) sacrifice,

2) relational bonding,

3) perceptible bonding, and

4) material bonding

5) power and anointing.


1. Sacrifice. Mechanical physics introduces to us the law of cost. Nothing is free. Someone or something must pay the price for another to gain. Jesus paid the price for our salvation so that we could be children of God. Salvation is free to you and me, but it cost Jesus His life. The Bible is filled with examples of patriarchs who sacrificed greatly to bond with God.

2. Relational Bonding. At this stage, one’s sacrificial giving has resulted in a relational bond of trust. Relational bonding comes as one gains knowledge through personal experience. Jesus desired to bond with mankind, and He paid the highest price so that we may be relationally bonded with Him. I challenge you to look through the Bible and see saint after saint who sacrificed in order to be relationally bond with God. The relational bond is strengthened by the amount of time and attention invested in relationships.

3. Perceptible Bonding. Spending time together and developing a bonding relationship, we learn to recognize God’s voice as He speaks to us  through dreams, visions, and ideas. We have God’s mind in us so we can perceive what He is saying. We see things as God sees them. After living and struggling with someone for a long time, you start to think and see life the way they do. Whatever you give your attention tobonding2
, it’s spirit will come to live in you.

4. Material Bonding. When we bond with God we gain everything He has. When my wife Hattie and I were dating, what I had didn’t belong to her. However, when we became bonded as husband and wife, everything I had became hers.

When you have perceptibly bonded with God, He will draw unto you the things that you need. I call this the corridor principle: As a man moves in accordance with God’s plan, he draws to himself the desires of his heart. The scriptural foundation for the corridor principle is Matthew 6:33: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you” (kjv).

Ask yourself, What level of bonding do I have with my Source? If you are not sure that you have a relational bond, please turn to the back of this book and read the page titled How to Know You Are a Child of God (Appendix C). It’s the most important thing you can do for yourself right  now.

Perhaps you have a relational bond, but you haven’t grown any further in the Lord. The next section tells how to make the perceptible bond.

5. Power and Anointing.  

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