Vertical Leap for Adults


Vertical Leap is a power packed spiritual boot camp that is designed to fast track you to move from facts to faith to action! Vertical Leap also teaches you how to birth your God-given dreams, visions and ideas!

Taught by its founders – ministers of the Gospel, master motivators and internationally known teachers Al & Hattie Hollingsworth – Vertical Leap is the

Biblically based adult success training seminar that teaches adults how to crystallize what God has given them on the inside and do it on the outside!

There’s Nobody Else Out There That Does What We Do…

Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. We are all familiar with the passage in Matthew 6:10. But, how does the Kingdom get “birthed” here on earth as it is in Heaven? What is the process – and what role do Christians of all ages play in it? Acting as a “midwife” or support to the church, that’s exactly what BOSS The Movement is teaching to Christian youth and adults: the Biblical HOW-TO’s of birthing God-given dreams, visions and ideas into reality.

With its acronym standing for “Building On Spiritual Substance,” B.O.S.S. The Movement offers powerful spiritual training for both young people through Youth Training and Adult Training through our “Vertical Leap” seminar.

Vertical Leap is an intense “spiritual boot camp” that takes place over one weekend a month and is attended by pastors, leaders, community members and other Christian adults who want to learn the Biblical principles to bringing their dreams alive. Once attending Vertical Leap, adults can opt to become certified trainers of the B.O.S.S. The Movement curriculum in their own churches and Christian organizations.