Hello Family!

Have you been told that you are loved and appreciated today?   Well, you are loved and appreciated! We are excited about having you join us at our upcoming Phase II Vertical Leap Conference hosted at the beautiful Alhatti Private Christian Resort and Retreat Center. Our Phase II Vertical Leap Conference takes you to the next level, building on our foundational Phase One Vertical Leap principles.  Our desire is that all of our family be set up for success. To that end, be sure to read this document in its entirety! It contains important information about the seminar and your stay at the Alhatti Private Christian Resort and Retreat Center.

It is Al & Hattie Hollingsworth’s desire that every aspect of the Phase Two Vertical Leap Seminar would facilitate greater bonding, networking, and KINGDOM synergy!  For this reason rooming is designed for *double or single occupancy (single occupancy is available at an additional cost).  *All Individual (exception: couples or participants who purchased a single room) seminar participants will be paired with another participant. In order that we may serve you in excellence, please make sure that you register at Please make sure to note the following information when completing your registration:

  • Correct spelling of your Name, Address, Phone, Email
  • Group Name (if applicable)
  • Arrival Date and Time
  • Departure Date and Time
  • Weather: High of 60 and Low of 40 degrees. (Dress WARM and comfortable)
  • General Information
  • Registration/Check In Time is: 9:00am -12:00noon (Monday).     


  • Vertical Leap is a “discipline” seminar. The seminar schedule will be provided upon registration. There is a mandatory, private “Gathering of the Eagles: meeting with all designated B.O.S.S. Regional Representatives and Partners.  Further details associated with this meeting and/or one-on-one meetings will be given on the mountaintop. All participants are required to be on time and in attendance from start to end. If you are traveling from out of state or country please make sure to schedule your travel arrangements accordingly as you are still required to be on time and attend the entire session.
  • We will also share a buffet breakfast and a buffet dinner in the formal dining room together each day. Breakfast is served from 8:00 until 9:00 am (PST) Dinner is “tentatively” served from 6:00 until 8:00 pm (PST). These are the only meal services provided so please be on time for meals as the dining room and kitchen is closed at the end of scheduled service time. (Meal times provided are only estimates and subject to change)
  • The Alhatti resort is hosting this event like they do so many other events. Because the resort is hosting this event and is a separate entity it is vital to register with BGI for Vertical Leap in a timely fashion. For those participants desiring to arrive on Sunday or stay later you will need to contact our office and express this desire at least 2 weeks before the event in order that we may CONFIRM availability. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    • Once you have received approval for Sunday check in please note that check in time begins at 3:00pm. There are no meals served on Sunday. For this reason we encourage you to either visit the beautiful town of Idyllwild or to stop at one of the restaurants located at the base of the mountain that you may obtain a meal.
  • FAST TRACK/Orientation attendance is mandatory for all first time participants (NO EXCEPTIONS). Please contact our office for further directions if this is your first time. Fast track must be completed before arrival. Although fast track/orientation is mandatory for anyone attending Vertical Leap for the first time (those who have not been to a Phase I Vertical Leap before) it is not exclusive to first time attendees. For those participants who have attended Vertical Leap and would like to attend orientation you are welcome to do so. Orientation is still held to the same discipline format as the seminar and all participants attending are required to be on time and attend the entire session.

If you have NOT attended a Phase One Vertical Leap, it’s imperative that you take the time to equip yourself for success by doing the following:

  • 1st Step: Vertical Leap University: There are requirements you must meet if you have NEVER attended a Phase One Vertical Leap seminar. If you have not attended a Phase One please call 951-262-3544 for assistance immediately.  Visit
  • 2nd Step: Mandatory Orientation: This is held at the resort and is non-negotiable. Orientation starts at 9:00am on Monday morning. If you have NOT attended a Phase One you must come to this orientation ON TIME.

Lastly, unless you make and confirm other arrangements with us, general check in for the seminar begins at 9:00am Monday.   All guests must check-out no later than Thursday 2:30pm.

If you have not received a confirmation letter, please contact our office. All registrations will be closing soon. If you have not done so already, please contact our office to confirm your reservation.  (And to those of you who have, our team says: Thank You!)

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