Fred & Regna McClurkin

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fred_regna-framedThe Regional Directors for B.O.S.S. Jamaica are Fred and Regna McClurkin. Fred is a retired pilot from Rock Hill SC who flew in the US Marine Corp and later for Flying Tigers and FedEx Airlines. Regna is a former Flight Attendant and Interior Designer from Mandeville Jamaica. Fred and Regna were married in 1986 and were called to move to Jamaica in 1992. God placed them in Jamaica to be a resource center for churches and Ministries throughout the Island. They are both ordained ministers with a passion for youth development and transformation. In 1995 God spoke prophetically that He would use them to birth a Center of healing for the nation of Jamaica and the world. They returned to the US in1999 and served as a resource connection between Churches in the US and Jamaica. God directed them to the B.O.S.S. the movement program. This program lines up with and exceeds the Youth Development Program needed for Jamaica. The founder’s Al and Hattie Hollingsworth are true reflections of Christ. They are people of integrity who passionately invest their own time and finances to birthing the kingdom of God. B.O.S.S. is not only a 23 year old proven program, but it is family. This program works for functional and dysfunctional kids, transforming communities and countries around the world. – Fred and Regna


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