The Downer Family

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downers-framedB.O.S.S. Jamaica is extremely happy to write about a family that has been through the B.O.S.S. programme and is now a living testimony that B.O.S.S. The Movement works.
This is a family of six who has embraced the principles of B.O.S.S. and has made one of the ten pledges of B.O.S.S. inspire them to change and impact a nation. Pledge number three states “I will persist until I succeed at my new life’s growth for I know that if I ask often enough it will be given me, if I seek diligently I will find, if I knock with persistence all doors will be opened unto me”.
In 2009 God gave Karl and Maureen Downer an idea for a product that had the potential to impact primary education in Jamaica. They pursued it and have now realised it in 2012. They launched the product on March 21st 2012 at the Wyndham Kingston Hotel. At the launch, the product was highly endorsed by Dr Mary Campbell from the Ministry of Education, Former vice Principal of Wolmer’s Prep School and representatives from corporate Jamaica such as Tastee Ltd, Sangster’s Book Store, Lime, Grace Kennedy and NCB OMNI. All these companies have come on board to be sponsors of the product.
The product is a G-SAT Game Board, designed to help children preparing to do the exam. The idea given by God was to create a product that would make preparing for G-SAT fun and effective and hence the game is called PASS YOUR EXAM.
There were times, when it seemed to the Downers like the dream was not going to happen, but pledge #3 was very motivating and kept them going. Today they can declare that they have persisted, they have asked often enough, they have sought diligently and they have knocked with consistency and now the doors are being opened by God.Commerce by creation is Gods superior way of meeting our needs. Recognizing Him as their only Source, the Downers sought God for His, “Dreams” “Visions” and “Ideas”.
Their “Idea” was converted into substance, giving them the ability to” NOW” do unlimited commerce.
The name of the family business is called Family Games International with Karl & Maureen Downer being the CEO’s. Their children were very involved in designing how the game is played and are also responsible for the writing of one of the two songs that were done for the launch of the Game.Their children’s names are Dominick , Karl- Ann, Karie-Marie , Kaydi-Ann .

B.O.S.S. Jamaica wants to congratulate the Downers on this amazing milestone and will continue to pray for them as they exemplify what it means to do “BUSINESS GODS WAY”.
At the Fellowship Tabernacle B.O.S.S. graduation, Dominick Downer did an excellent job teaching the:

6 Steps To Do Business Without Money

1. Don’t doubt that God is God, the all sufficient One.
2. Don’t limit God, seek Him through dreams,visions,and ideas.
3. Don’t compromise , speak it.
4. Don’t compromise , write it.
5. Don’t sit, move.
6. Don’t quit, persist until you succeed.

Our B.O.S.S. Vision is to see a Global Generation trained to win the world for
Jesus Christ through Kingdom Principles and Economics.


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