Pastor Charles & Gwen Patrick

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charles_gwen_patrickWe have been blessed as Kingdompreneurs nearly all of our 38 years of marriage. As BOSS Alum for close to 30 years, and encouraged by our role models, the Hollingsworths, we have birthed our dreams to become pastors in Compton, Ca., and established several community-based projects, including a number of Charter High School Campuses in the inner cities of Southern California, graduating over 250 formerly drop out, failing, non-college bound young people whom we helped earn their high school diplomas. We have taught hundreds of youth BOSS success principles, many whom are successful leaders in the world today. We are currently developing 17-1/2 acres into a campground, conference center, and boarding school for youth in the high desert of Newberry Springs, California, known as Foundations For Future Generations ( Please pray for us as we continue to labor in God’s Vineyard, bringing in “His Harvest”. We look forward to leaving a legacy to the “youth of this generation, and then the world!”


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